February 28, 2015 by Janani R. (Verified Patient)
Visit was great today. I had a root canal done – was a breeze
February 19, 2015 by Nadia H. (Verified Patient)
She was GREAT! Very patient and explained everything.

Less than 3 months ago by a Verified Patient

I came to her White Plains office and was seen very quickly. Dr. Shrestha has an excellent personality, worked well to give me the checkup I needed, as well as the tooth extraction that I had to do. I have a couple of extra appointments to make with her for dental work and I am very happy with the results from this. I would recommend her to anyone.

Less than 3 months ago by a Verified Patient
Seemed to be a nice person and knowledgable about various procedures. I was able to be seen as soon as I arrived. A bit different to any other dental cleaning I’ve had in the past but nothing wrong with it.
January 8, 2015 by Debajyoti R. (Verified Patient)
Highly recommend Dr. Lisha, she is the very best in the area.
December 17, 2014 by John Adrian R. (Verified Patient)
Dr Shrestha, is GREAT. I’m definitely one of those who puts the dentist at the bottom of my list. During my procedure she kept aware of how I was feeling and if I could feel any discomfort/pain. She kept me informed of some of the things she was doing.
November 13, 2014 by Shanu V. (Verified Patient)
Overall very good dentist. They utilize Zocdoc online check in/forms, which is always a plus.
September 29, 2014 by Melanie M. (Verified Patient)
Dr. Shrestha is without a doubt the BEST dentist I have ever been to, put me instantly at ease, as well as thoroughly explained all that needed to be done very professionally and kindly. I would thoroughly recommend her to everyone!
September 9, 2014 by Jady M. (Verified Patient)
She was friendly and explained well everything she was doing. She showed me the x rays and explain what it meant. She did a very good cleaning as well.
September 9, 2014 by Jady M. (Verified Patient)
Very happy. She took her time. She was friendly and patient. She made sure all my questions were asked.
September 8, 2014 by a Verified Patient
I am very comfortable with Dr Shrestha right away. I have been to different dentists a week before via zocdoc and all they did is deep cleaning and charged me a fortune blindly. I am about to get my metal braces in a few weeks and I want to get me teeth ready. While the other doctors did only deep cleaning, Dr Shrestha suggested to get four fillings done for the teeth where the clamps will go. She gave me a copy of the procedures to be done with quotes and a reasonable discount with my Aetna discount card. As I book my second appointment for the four fillings, it is very easy and convenient to pick any day and time that I want. thanks Zoc doc, you made it’s easier to find the right dentist for me.
August 26, 2014 by Debajyoti R. (Verified Patient)
I would highly recommend Dr. Lisha, and I am going to visit her for my periodic dental checkups going forward.
Less than a year ago by a Verified Patient
The dentist was very pleasant, informative and balanced. Of all the dental cleanings I’ve had in my life, this one was the most pleasant 😉 I learned that this dentist just opened an office in White Plains a few months ago (she maintains her previous location in Hartsdale), and I would highly recommend her.
July 26, 2014 by Patricia H. (Verified Patient)
The most patient and knowledgeable dentist I ever met!!! She explains every single step before performing it, she is extremely delicate and any procedure is painless and pleasant. Yes, yes, yes going to the dentist can be pleasant with Dr. Shrestha.
July 15, 2014 by Patricia H. (Verified Patient)
I never met a dentist who is so concerned about the patient’s positive experience and well being as Dr. Shrestha. She is knowledgeable and pleasant
July 12, 2014 by a Verified Patient
I booked an appointment via ZocDoc for a regular checkup and cleaning. I did not have to wait at all which was a big plus. This was my first visit but Dr Shrestha was friendly and made me feel welcome. The procedure itself went smoothly, and Dr Shrestha explained any issues that I had and answered all of my questions. There was a minor mixup regarding my insurance details, but thankfully this was resolved quickly.
Less than a year ago by a Verified Patient
great, would use again
June 30, 2014 by Laura V. (Verified Patient)

I was really happy to find Dr. Shrestha so close in White Plains. The office is a very comfortable environment. She and her assistant are very professional and kind. All her work has been perfect and she makes going to the dentist comfortable rather than a dreaded duty. Highly recommended!

“Dear Dr. Shrestha, I want to thank you sooo very much for going out of your way to see me at your office this evening. It was incredibly and unexpectedly kind of you. The tooth you extracted had given me pain for a long time and it’s a great relief to have it out. I’m doing well post extraction, thanks to your gentleness and immense patience. You are what every doctor should aspire to be!”  – Irvey saltz

“Dr. Shrestha treated me so good and patiently explained everything that I might have wanted to know including my insurance details.” – Debra

“Just a note to express my satisfaction with Dr. Shrestha.” – Mathew

“I have always been afraid of dentists. Few weeks ago I was in so much pain and friend of mine recommended Everest Dental, it was a very pleasant experience. Dr. Shrestha was gentle and informative.” – Jason

“I am so pleased with Dr. Shrestha, I would refer anyone I know who needs dental work to Everest Dental. Thank you again for your superior customer service and your prompt attention to make me smile again.” – Kiza